Five Benefits of Adventure Play

As parents, we try to provide our children with the best tools and experiences to shape their growth, development, and overall well-being. We want to foster creativity and imagination, balance this with physical and mental wellbeing and combine it with the ability to self-manage and problem-solve! We also want our children to have a lot of fun in the process. Childhood adventures make life-long memories.

Too much to ask?

It’s not really, and it is possible to achieve all this for your child, but it may be difficult for busy families that are juggling so much already. We hope that schools can support our children as much as possible, however children are increasingly reporting school-related stress and it can take some time to get effective support systems in place.

There is a solution, and it sounds really easy!! Have more adventures in nature! Yes, that’s right: get outside more and go exploring. Adventure and nature play performs a crucial role in shaping a child’s character, resilience, and holistic development. Adventurous nature play offers a unique opportunity for your child to explore, discover, and forge a deep connection with the natural world, while reaping a multitude of therapeutic benefits along the way.

While it sounds super easy, we know how challenging it can be to find the time, so let us help. Birdwings Forest School can supplement your own family adventures, supporting your child in a kid-only, child-led environment where they are encouraged to make decisions for their own wellbeing. Here are just a few of the remarkable advantages your child will experience through adventure and nature play in our programs:

Five Benefits of Adventure Play

Creativity and Imagination: Unplugging from screens and immersing themselves in the great outdoors stimulates children’s creativity, encouraging and embracing creative social play and problem-solving skills.

Physical and Mental Well-being: Engaging in adventure activities and spending time in nature promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. It improves fitness, strengthens muscles, and coordination. Moreover, studies consistently demonstrate that connecting with nature has a therapeutic affect on stress, anxiety, fosters emotional resilience and a positive mindset.

Environmental Stewardship: By experiencing the wonders of nature firsthand, your child develops a deep appreciation and understanding of our fragile ecosystem. We have an active conservation program with the children to protect the habitat of the threatened Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.

Confidence and Resilience: Overcoming challenges and stretching personal boundaries in adventure-based activities builds self-confidence and resilience. Children learn to navigate unfamiliar terrain and develop a sense of accomplishment that empowers them in all areas of life.

Social Skills and Teamwork: During adventure programs, children interact, collaborate, and forge lasting friendships with like-minded friends. We mentor skills including effective communication, cooperation, and the value of collective effort, crucial skills that will serve them well throughout their schooling years.

How we can help

    At Birdwings we offer a variety of programs to meet the needs of different ages. Our little ones and families experience these five benefits of Adventure and Nature Play in a guided program at WildPlay Adventurers. Our kindy children (18 months – 5 years) are mentored daily by experienced and qualified staff at Little Birdwings Forest Kindy, with 7.5 hours outside in play, adventure, crafts, music and rest.

    Adventure Club is carefully designed to meet the needs of 4.5 – 12 year olds through therapeutic adventure and immersive nature connection experiences. Adventure Club is a full-day, multi-age group that runs every Thursday – and in Term 3 it will open on Fridays also! Of course there is also our popular School Holiday Forest School program, which is a great way to sample the fun for school-aged kids.

    Let us help you meet your child’s needs for play, growth and wellbeing – all year round – at Birdwings Forest School.

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