WildPlay Adventurers Playgroups

  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9:30 – 11:30
  • $25/week for family with one child, $10 for each extra child over the age of 1 (full term commitment)
  • For families with children aged 12 months or older (siblings under 1 year attend free)
  • Mobile nature playgroup held in Guanaba and other areas within the Gold Coast Hinterland


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Remember when we were kids and played outside all the time? We roamed the neighbourhood, met up with friends in parks, climbed trees and explored. WildPlay Adventurers help you relive these fond memories with your child. We play and have fun together – both children AND adults! Playgroups should be fun for adults too.

We are 100% outdoors, all-weather playgroup. Our WildPlay Adventures flow to a predictable rhythm which celebrates nature play, seasonal awareness, storytelling and crafts. Children use real tools to prepare food and engage in bushcraft and creative arts. We encourage children and adults both to try new experiences.

Our play is active, with adults and children alike investigating and immersing themselves in the natural environment. Children learn through imitation and so adult participation makes for very fun playtimes! All adults and children should arrive ready to get wet or dirty with old clothing, covered shoes and spare clothing in the car.

We know it takes time to feel comfortable with new experiences and new learning. Our WildPlay approach is often new learning for many families and children, but that’s ok because Birdwings value slow learning and nature connection. It is for this reason our playgroups require a full commitment to the term, and we do not offer trial days when you join playgroup. We observe seasonal changes, learn familiar songs and stories, reflect on our experiences and grow as a community together.

It becomes the highlight of the week. Many families have made lifelong friendships through this community. To read more about how we work with babies and toddlers, read our post: The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Babies