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Loose Parts Play in Nature

Getting started with bush kindy and nature play doesn’t mean that you need to lug a load of resources with you into the bush!

Save yourself the effort and take a look at some of the ways we engage with children’s play and discovery in natural environments – and in your regular play areas – with minimal ‘stuff’.

As a special thanks to those who support our nature connection business, we are offering this course for half price over the month of June. Subscribe below to take advantage of this offer!

“This course is already phenomenal!”

J. Hay, Forest School Leader, Qld

“I’m loving the course. It’s great to see what those of like minds are doing.”

G. Milgate, Educational Leader, NSW

“I love how uncomplicated you have made it for beginners! It emphasizes the very essence – superb!”

G. Bryce, Kindergarten Teacher, Qld

“This course covered everything I could possibly need to feel confident with loose parts in my nature based program. The course was delivered with educational theory and research to back up what Narell and Jen were saying, as well as many practical examples and ideas that I was able to take and implement straight away. This course has encouraged me to feel excited about wild places, to feel curious and take time to observe, and to remember just how important nature play is for children.”

M. Baker, Nature Play Mentor, NSW

What You’ll Learn:

This self-paced course will inspire you to take a new look at approaching nature play in wild areas, and get some great playing going with minimal resources. This course covers:

– prioritising Indigenous perspectives
– protecting the natural environment during play
– how to play with what you find
– how to make bush toys
– how to build your own playground

This course can be started at any time and completed in your own time.