Birdwings Forest School offers a range of nature immersion programs including Little Birdwings Forest Kindy, the Gold Coast’s first 100% outdoor service for children aged 18 months to 5 years. As educators, artists, activists and environmentalists, we have created deeply enriching programs that are all about celebrating nature, play and our growing capabilities – at any age.

Our training is specific to Australian environments and reflective of our innovative practice at Birdwings Forest School. Through our training you will deepen your practice with nature awareness, playwork, intuitive connection and creative arts approaches. In our fun and creative training days we share our special nature connection methods, ecological storytelling, practical outdoor skills, bush kindy, singing, felt-making and handcrafts. Contact us  to discuss your professional development, speaking engagement or training needs.


This training is for any person who wishes to deepen their connection to nature and focus on their playworking skills with children. Birdwings Forest School guides you in engaging in nature play for children’s well-being,  intuitive connection, exploring authentic cultural awareness and creating long-lasting connection traditions with children. Full day training, Gold Coast. Read our posts about mentoring children for independence.

Creative Documentation and Reflective Journals

We demonstrate a range of simple and effective creative techniques to present your visual documentation, and make your observations and reflections come alive. Your documentation journey will become a work of art, engaging respectfully with children and the community and presenting your shared learning experiences as a rich body of research and a joyful book to treasure forever


  • SUNDAY 18 OCTOBER 2020
  • 9am – 3pm, $120

At Birdwings we take traditional oral storytelling deeper to reflect seasonal, situational and therapeutic storytelling for children. We share some of our storytelling traditions and techniques, explore storytelling in nature and teach you how to draw upon children’s play and nature experiences to create new stories specific to your local nature space and seasonal rhythms. Read our posts about Ecological Storytelling.

Traditional Handcrafts with Children

Birdwings Forest School teach you the basic skills for exploring traditional handcrafts with children. We explore hand-sewing, felt-making and nature crafts to make seasonal projects with young children. Handcrafts support children’s brain development, process thinking and dexterity, as well as teaching children practical skills they can draw on for their own craft ideas and daily living. Read our post about Handcrafts.


We can help your service get started with basics of setting up a bush kindy philosophy and program in your service. With our partners from Phoenix Support for Educators, explore the Beyond the Sandpit series of workshops with your team in your service. We’ll share our excitement about group times, practical storytelling, handcrafts, outdoor learning, bush kinder and playwork. For more information about our approach read our blog posts at Phoenix Support:


Join Birdwings Forest School artists and nature mentors, Narell and Jennifer, for a relaxing and creative morning outside. We will teach you some basic techniques to draw and paint botanical art, while surrounded by the glory of the native flowers in the gardens.